There are Many Uses of Legal Golf Carts

The street legal golf carts are also called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) and were discovered in the 1930’s and by 1950’s they became quite famous due to their substantially simple design. However, by the late seventies they became quite sophisticated and found a place in the numerous golf courses and retirement communities to ferry players and the elderly due to their reassuringly slow but safe rides. These golf carts have also found a place at farms in which they can be employed quite easily and a farmer can ferry his produce within the farm or outside at a very low cost. At the same time, it is quite safe to travel on these carts because of their speed limits. Hence, some applications are discussed here.

street legal golf carts

  • Can be excellent for retirement communities – The street legal golf carts have been a boon for the retirement communities so that more and more such communities have started using them. Within these communities shopping, exercise classes, entertainment and education are all available but one has to travel and this is affected by the carts. These are quite cheap and inexpensive compared to the regular internal combustion engine vehicles and moreover their speed limit is with 35 MPH, that can ensures very less or nil accidents, provided seat belt is adequately used.
  • Farmers have benefitted immensely – The farming community has benefitted a lot after the introduction of commercially available street legal golf carts. At a fraction of a cost, these have taken over the role of a Land Rover Jeep. The carts are used to transport livestock, touring crops, moving tools and feed and also for any off-road facilities. The engines of these vehicles range from 8 HP to 18 HP and can be equipped with hydraulic or manual dump beds for hauling dirt, cleaning stall, mulch and bedding.

Due to all of these applications and a lot more, these carts are very much desired and used at a number of places.