The Story of Photo Sharing App Instagram

If you are a person aged from 12 to 30, or a person who works in the field of marketing then you will probably understand when someone says that Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in today’s time. To let you know about the craze of Instagram, we must tell you that to obtain followers on Instagram quickly people are spending huge amount to buy Instagram likes just to show that they are doing excellent in terms of popularity. Well it is high time that you come to know about how this global phenomenon of photo sharing on Instagram was formed.

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Instagram is a mobile application primarily that is used for the purpose photo sharing. It was founded by two lads naming, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krienger. They both launched this cool photo sharing application back in the year 2010, about severs year before. However, at that time it was only exclusively launched for Apple Operating System’s platform. Soon taking the growing popularity of the app into account, it was launched on the Android platform too. Since the majority of the people around the globe use Android mobile phones, Instagram became a widely popular household name. The biggest turn of events took place in the year 2011 and 2012, when the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg showed interest in Instagram. Within that period, Mark bought the company for a sum of money that was about one billion USD.

This purchase followed by Whatsapp, made Mark Zuckerberg the undisputed king of the social media. Soon Instagram launched its IPO and went on to become profitable. Today people are crazy over getting likes and followers on their Instagram, so much that they are willing to pay so they can buy likes on Instagram. The story of Instagram is as interesting as the app itself.