The relevancy of compulsory sports education

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There was a time when academics used to be always given importance over sports and never sports was encouraged. Whether it was school or family if you are interested in sports you can’t pursue it. This negligence was soon discovered when the most academically brilliant student were failing in dealing the real obstacle of life. They were deprived of any sports activity and as such their personality never reached an all-round development.

“All work and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy” is the best caption for this situation. We see poor performance by many big countries in Olympics where there is no emphasis on sports education while if you see some small country outperforming in same. This is because sports is given emphasis from the beginning of child growth to reach them get the medals they deserve.


Sports education doesn’t mean that the child will become a professional athlete or a player. It helps the child to attain a healthy body. They learn new skill which they can use anywhere. If interested this skill can be polished and nurtured to make a professional out of the same. Also sports education in school allows children to relax their mind so as they can learn the academics again with a fresh mind. If you involve sports education it will help the children in following way and will help him achieve success in life as well.

  • Obedience: – Student become more obedient to their seniors once they start playing some sports. This eventually starts with the respect to the coaches and is passed on to teacher and parents as well.
  • Confidence: – Children become more confident when they are involved in sports. They play in groups and make their shyness go away. Many a time many good speaker are good sportsperson. They don’t shy away from crowd nor from stage
  • Team Player: – A child learns to play sports in a group. In this way he learns the importance of team. In corporate world everybody requires a team player and sport will bring out this quality in your child.
  • Leadership: – While in sports one eventually learns how to lead a team. This will improve the leadership and decision making skills. Your mind will take best decision in different situations.
  • Stay healthy: – Obesity has become common among children. Sports can help them involve in some physical activity so as their metabolism is maintained.