The Gaming Concept of the Popular Video Game Running Fred

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Applications called as apps are the trend of today’s technology which has its easy way of accessing data and playing around with various devices such as smart phones, tablets, or for that matter even laptops. With the huge number of apps that is available in the play stores for a variety of fields or genres, hundreds, and thousands of apps itself is dedicated to video gaming itself, as the gaming or the entertainment industry itself has grown in to a huge business.

 Running Fred

The Running Fred Gaming Concept:

The gaming of Running Fred contains the sophisticated environment from its previous series of Falling Fred which is already success among the video players for its unique premise and the interesting traps which the user must survey to get through the level for successful completion. The game of Running Fred is designed similar to the successful app of temple run where Fred, the main character of the game, has to continuously run to escape various traps designed as part of the game such as spike trap, or massive cutters of blades which has the capacity to cut into bits and pieces of the trapped figure, or to escape from the devour of the Soul Reaper’s scythe. Here the Fred character is modeled or played by the player himself, so ultimately the user should keep running with attention as Fred running in the game to keep the Fred alive in the Running Fred.

It is true with any kind of games, that as the user progresses to the successive levels in the game of Running Fred, the difficulty of the game gets increased with more serious traps such as scary depths in the castles where serious focus of the players would be needed to escape the trap and stay alive in the game to continue playing.