Making Monkey Business on Social Media Networks

Social media

Social media are being widely used by millions of people across the globe for creation and sharing of their ideas, pictures, information, and many other type of expressions using internet through networks and communities. Social media were created to develop friendship on any geographical location with a view to make a big social circle and became very popular within a short span of time. Facebook is the foremost and widely favored social media website and there might not be anyone who is not aware of its existence.

Role of social media networks

As social media networks progressed their role was extended simultaneously from its fundament of friendship. Social media have a big business potential and facilitates many businesses in marketing research, communication and e-commerce for which business enterprises are using off beam business practices of buying comments, likes, views, etc. from fake numbers that don’t actually exist.

BRSM facebook comments

It has become a good business and many service providers are selling their services for this monkey business and one such link is where you can buy these services for your business with a small price for bulk numbers. Say you can buy 1000 likes for $50 and 5000 for $200 or buy 100 comments for $90 and 500 for $400. You can find many other deals on per your business requirement.

How fake numbers help in business

More the comments higher is the potential of a post to grow. This is how Facebook comments facilitate the growth of business. A business enterprise pays a meagre price to to buy fake comments or likes to make their website prominent on the social media against its competitors that attract more visits on the enterprise’s website and more potential for the business. Although it is not an ethical way to publicize and to create awareness about the business, but business enterprises are finding this practice as the best business promotion strategy in today’s competition.