Low concentration property of carrageenan

Low concentration

Carrageenan is the ingredient which is made from the seaweed. It is mainlyused to thicken, suspend and gel. Thus it is used in the stabilization. It is able to control the syneresis. And also used for binding, bodying nd dispersion. The major use of theingredient is in the dairy products. The fulcellaran usually has the application which is similar to the carrageenan of type kappa. The specialproperties of the carrageenan are used as the gel texture and it is also preferred in the milk powders.


Carrageenan is unique as it has very low concentration. It can suspend the cocoa which is used in the chocolate milk. This is no possible by any other gel. They possess a very delicate milk structure which is not even detected when you are drinking milk. It is only responsible for suspending the cocoa in the milk. It is alwaysimportant to choose the roper type of weed and quality. Iota carrageenan is also a popular type ofcarrageenanwhich is mainly used in the desserts as it an easily formulate the gel. It has the texture almost same as the gelatin gels. Theyprove to be good when the refrigerator is not available. Moreover,they also retain their structurewhen they become old which makes it an advantageous thing for the ready to eat desserts.

Used in toothpast

The carrageenan is also used in the toothpaste as the binder so that the desiredrheological properties are imparted in the paste. Usually the toothpastecontains number of ingredients which can easily interact with the complex ways. It is also used in the processed meat and poultry. Moreover, the dairy products arethe biggest application of using the carrageenan ingredient. The pet foods also have some amount of it. It has many other applications and studies have proven that it is completely safe to use it.