Living the dream

Everyone has a dream of making it big

Living the big life; a dream that everyone has and that everyone wants to fulfill. People often say that money cannot buy happiness and that material possessions are not the real joy or happiness in life. Wise and very true words but often only in paper and in philosophical sermons; when it comes down to ground realities, money can buy a lot of good things and materialistic possessions often give you pleasures that very other few things can in life.

Having a grand and luxurious life is a dream that everyone has; unless you truly are of a saintly nature and wish to escape from all the desires and the facts of life and retire into solitude and into sainthood. Unless you are of that nature however, the earthly desires however will always be tempting to you and you will always want to attain them.

dhow cruise

Who doesn’t want a beautiful house, dozens of cars and a huge bank balance with a lot of zeroes? If one says that he doesn’t then he is either a saint or he is lying. Everybody wants it; everybody wants to buy a house in a posh location with numerous bedrooms and a scenic view. Everybody wants to go on vacations to exotic locales and explore all the nooks and corners and live like the stars do. Grand beaches overlooking majestic oceans with a cheeky drink in hand surrounded by gorgeous people, the big life is something that every single one of us dreams of having. And this dream is not exactly something that is out of your hands.

A dhow cruise to top it off

A dhow cruise is a beautiful way to spend your evenings and feel like a king living the life that you had always dreamt of. In the middle of the grand waters with great people and great food surrounding you topped with exotic drinks and a lovely ambience.