Facebook page of JAFX holds the journey of a newbie forex broker

Foreign exchange markets or Forex markets are the places where currencies of different countries are traded. Biggest liquid money market of the world, Forex market is rapidly growing. This trade is not hand to hand trade instead it involves computer networks for transactions to be carried out.

In a forex market, price quotations change continuously. One can find the market active at any time of the day as time zones of the countries trading do not match with one another, in most cases. Therefore, market is open throughout day and night transaction process is electronic method of over-the-counter.

How is ECN all about?

ECN or the electronic system facilitates the exchange in the foreign exchange market.This method of transaction has several advantages. ECN trading is always anonymous thus allowing traders to accept neutral pricing. These brokers procure a market place where the makers of the market and the traders contest bids against one another. JAFX ecn broker one such middleman conducting foreign exchanges. The Facebook page of the broker provides a greater insight to its working and management.


JAFX ecn was formed in the year 2016 ‘by traders for traders’. CEO John Anthony has taken a giant step in the foreign exchange marketplace by founding such a true ECN broker. Today JAFX bids forty-seven pairs. It has made 0.01 micro lots trading affordable. It utilizes MetaTrader 4 system for trading so that it can be accessed both from PC and mobile phones.

Apart from these the broker provides for countless number of specimen accounts to its clients. This step of JAFX is really user friendly as it helps clients to trade without having a standard account and also without depositing any bucks. JAFX mobile app is also available now in iOs and android platform. One can now easily trade foreign exchange on the go.

This ECN account allows keeping a very minimum amount of $10 as deposit. The minimum to be deposited for auto trade option can be found online. Also, you can scroll through the Facebookpage of JAFX trusted true ecn broker to get a clearer and detailed view.