Drug metabolites and how they can be detected in hair

The technology has reached to such a level that now there are plenty of tests available to detect drug metabolites.

What are drug metabolites?

When a drug is metabolised by the body into its modified form, it continues to produce the effects in the body resulting into an active drug metabolite. These effects are weaker than the parent drug but are quite significant. Also they are similar to that of parent drug. At times, metabolites might produce toxic effects.

How they can be detected from hair?


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Metabolites can be easily detected from hair. The metabolites that are produced by the metabolism of drug move through the blood stream and get entrapped in hair follicle in the amount roughly proportional to the drug ingested. Hair samples taken from the clients are sent to laboratory to detect the use of any legal or illegal drugs by them. Toxicology experts look into the matter. The presence of metabolites in the hair follicles indicates the use of drugs by the clients in the stipulated time-frame.

Is there any way to remove metabolites from hair follicles?

Yes, there are few ways possible. And one of them is to use the shampoos that are specially formulated for this, like Nexxus aloe rid shampoo.  It is a shampoo that removes the metabolites from hair. It’s one of the best popular ways to detox hair as  it is the most convenient of all and less harmful as well. The main ingredient present in it is Propylene Glycol. The level of Propylene Glycol is higher in the nexxus aloe rid shampoo original formula.

Out of all the options available for removing the metabolites from hair follicles to pass the drug test, using the shampoo like Nexus aloe rid shampoo is the simplest. Least amount of efforts are needed to pass the test and also without damaging hair to a great extent.