Data Killing Through Shredding Technique and Its Benefits

Around 80% of computers carry sensitive data in the companies. Every company requires a safeguard for its data. Even in the case of disposal of hard drives which contains sensitive information, a huge responsibility lies there.

The laws are setup for such destruction and companies need to follow the standards for data removal from hard drives. Old computers stocked with data becomes a great liability, therefore there is a need to get rid of such data as quick as possible.

One of the techniques we can consider is degaussing. In this technique, a strong magnet is stuck with the hard drive so that there is no data present in the drive any longer. It eliminates any chances of data retrieval but is costly for small or medium scale industry.

Data being erased from the drive or degaussing are not sufficient at one point of time, we need more than that and there comes the role of shredding technique. Also, these techniques are sensitive to human error, which can do wonders to the company.

Rather than drilling through the drive or hammering it, we can make use of hard drive shredding service which is one way to safe data destruction. Here, the hard drive is reduced to small particle size matter which is impossible to reciprocate. Not wasting the debris, it is melted and brought together into original alloys.

hard drive shredding service

What could be the benefits of shredding the drive is the next question?

Here is a list of advantages of shredding:

  • It’s a solution to unwanted data liability in the office workspace.
  • Abolishing all chances of theft through intruders of the data in the drives.
  • Through hard drive shredding service, we can attain a clean office environment to work.
  • Federal laws like HIPAA and FACTA are in compliance with the data drive disposal.

Shredding technique disposes off the data into small particles through ‘Ship and Shred’ mechanism which can be mechanically disengaged into separate particles and recycled.

These techniques must be followed for sensitive data removal which can in any way affect the organisation privacy. Shredding is a lot costlier technique when compared to shredding, therefore only few organisations can make use of shredding their drives but non-physical methods are also accomodable.