Choosing Between Implants, Dentures and Bridges for Tooth Replacement

Due to oral diseases or because of the injuries, millions of people would have lost their valuable teeth at the early ages and are worried about their chewing, speaking and about the self-esteem. But, one doesn’t have to worry about this in the world of technology advancement as there are tooth replacement options available for the people like you. You just have to visit the right dentist for the tooth replacement options that are out there. You can also check the for knowing about all the teeth replacement options. The three common teeth replacement options that a right dental specialist can help you with are as follows.

  1. Dental Implants: Dental implants are inserted by a periodontist. They are artificial tooth roots that are inserted in the jaw of your mouth for replacing the lost teeth. This involves a placement of the metal post in to the gum bone below your gums and is a surgical method. If you are missing all your teeth or multiple teeth, this is combined with dentures or bridges for making the process more secure. This is mostly preferred by the dentists as they don’t affect the teeth adjacent to them like bridge.
  2. Dental Bridges: If you are missing one or two teeth, you can go for this. They bridge the gap between your teeth or missing or surrounding teeth. They are fixed partial dentures. There are also two types of bridges, removable bridges which can be removed, cleaned and put back and implant bridges are attached to implants. They are made of materials like porcelain, alloy and gold.
  3. Dentures / Partial Dentures: This is a best tooth replacement option and is called as false teeth. Two options are there in this. Complete and over / partial dentures and complete dentures are used when you don’t have any teeth left in the mouth which covers both upper and lower gums. The partial dentures if you have some natural teeth remaining in your mouth and if dental implants can provide support to it.

To know more about these teeth replacement options and procedures, go through and get complete information and know which is better for you.