Are people still interested to watch hockey

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Hockey as a game has lost its shine over the period of time. Irony is that hockey is the national game of India but people are more interested in watching cricket instead of hockey. Hockey is an internationally accepted game. There is a Hockey world cup and is also a part of list of games played in Olympics. In earlier years hockey was always praised and liked by everyone. The notable players like Dhyanchand were the gems of Hockey. Their talent were appreciated by the greats like Adolf Hitler as well. In one game Hitler proposed Dhyanchand as the citizenship of country.

Hockey has many variants evolved over a period of time. There is a choice of Ice hockey which is played with less player as compared to the original game of hockey but the turf here is ice. There are many movies also specially made on the game of Ice Hockey. Then there in Inline Hockey which is also a variant of Hockey. Hockey as a game is not appreciated by people and its viewership has reduced.

According to many hockey is a boring game and they would be interested to watch soccer instead. For many youngster as this sport is not played in their school or stadium this is not interesting. Hockey is actually interesting. It is as exciting as any other sports out there. There is rivalry like India and Pakistan match temperament, there is style and class of goals, there are mad fans who can do anything for their team and yes there are fight as well.


Hockey as a game needs revival in viewership. Many efforts has been made for same. Stadiums in countries are equipped so as there is equipment and coach to teach hockey. There are also many league matches for Hockey where celebrities have endorsed it. This is a great step as it is helping in reviving the people interest back in game. Ice hockey is already making its mark in many countries. Recent fights in hockey matches has also captured the audience attention and they are interested to watch the next part. Hockey players are also most genuine and kind from heart. However they don’t get attention as other sports player they are maintaining the trend of hockey alive. Still there is hope that people will like this game as any other soccer or cricket game.